Thomas Grano

Thomas Grano

Assistant Professor, Linguistics


  • Ph.D. in Linguistics, Chicago University, 2012
  • B.A. in Lingustics, Stanford University, 2006

Research interests

Professor Grano's interests lie in natural language semantics, especially in relation to the syntax-semantics interface and to issues of cross-linguistic (non-)variation. Specific research interests include: propositional attitude reports; tense and finiteness (especially in Mandarin Chinese); and gradability and comparison.

Representative publications

The logic of intention reports.(2017)
Thomas Grano
Journal of Semantics, 34 587-632

Finiteness contrasts without Tense? A view from Mandarin Chinese.(2017)
Thomas Grano
Journal of East Asian Linguistics, 26 259-299

Control, temporal orientation, and the cross-linguistic grammar of trying.(2017)
Thomas Grano
Glossa: a journal of general linguistics, 2 1-21

How to neutralize a finite clause boundary: Phase theory and the grammar of bound pronouns.(2018)
Thomas Grano and Howard Lasnik
Linguistic Inquiry, 49 465-499

Universal markedness in gradable adjectives revisited: The morpho-semantics of the positive form in Arabic.(2018)
Thomas Grano and Stuart Davis
Natural Language & Linguistic Theory, 36 131-147

Control and restructuring.(2015)
Thomas Grano
Oxford University Press.

An experimental investigation of partial control.(2014)
Thomas Grano and Aaron Steven White
Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung, 18 469-486

Mandarin Transitive Comparatives and the Grammar of Measurement.(2012)
Thomas Grano and Chris Kennedy
Journal of East Asian Linguistics, 21 219-266

Mandarin hen and Universal Markedness in Gradable Adjectives.(2011)
Thomas Grano
Natural Language & Linguistic Theory, 30 513-565

Scale structure, coercion, and the interpretation of measure phrases in Japanese.(2011)
Thomas Grano and Osamu Sawada
Natural Language Semantics, 19 191-226

Mental action and event structure in the semantics of try.(2011)
Thomas Grano
Rutgers University. 21 426-443