Paul Purdom

Paul Purdom

Professor Emeritus, Computer Science


Representative publications

Algorithms for the satisfiability (SAT) problem: A survey.(1996)
Jun Gu, Paul W Purdom, John Franco and Benjamin W Wah
Cincinnati Univ oh Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Search rearrangement backtracking and polynomial average time.(1983)
Paul Walton Purdom Jr
Artificial intelligence, 21 (2-Jan), 117-133

A sentence generator for testing parsers.(1972)
Paul Purdom
BIT Numerical Mathematics, 12 (3), 366-375

The analysis of algorithms.(1985)
Paul Walton Purdom and Cynthia A Brown
Holt, Rinehart and Winston. 219-234

Average time analysis of simplified Davis-Putnam procedures.(1982)
Allen Goldberg, Paul Purdom and Cynthia Brown
Information Processing Letters, 15 (2), 72-75

A transitive closure algorithm.(1970)
Paul Purdom
BIT Numerical Mathematics, 10 (1), 76-94

An average time analysis of backtracking.(1981)
Cynthia A Brown, Paul Walton Purdom and Jr
SIAM Journal on Computing, 10 (3), 583-593

Backtrack searching in the presence of symmetry.(1988)
Cynthia A Brown, Larry Finkelstein and Paul Walton Purdom
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg. 99-110

The pure literal rule and polynomial average time.(1985)
Paul Walton Purdom, Jr and Cynthia A Brown
SIAM Journal on Computing, 14 (4), 943-953

Tree size by partial backtracking.(1978)
Paul W Purdom
SIAM Journal on Computing, 7 (4), 481-491

Immediate predominators in a directed graph [H].(1972)
Paul W Purdom Jr and Edward F Moore
Communications of the ACM, 15 (8), 777-778

Statistical properties of the buddy system.(1970)
Paul W Purdom Jr and Stephen M Stigler
Journal of the ACM (JACM), 17 (4), 683-697

Backtracking with multi-level dynamic search rearrangement.(1981)
Paul Walton Purdom, Cynthia A Brown and Edward L Robertson
Acta Informatica, 15 (2), 99-113

Polynomial-average-time satisfiability problems.(1987)
Paul Walton Purdom Jr and Cynthia A Brown
Information Sciences, 41 (1), 23-42

An analysis of backtracking with search rearrangement.(1983)
Paul Walton Purdom, Jr and Cynthia A Brown
SIAM Journal on Computing, 12 (4), 717-733