Dennis Groth

Dennis Groth

Associate Professor, Informatics

Interim Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, Undergraduate Education

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies


Representative publications

A Collaborative Annotation System for Data Visualization.(2004)
Dennis P. Groth and Sean E. Ellis
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An Entropy-Based Approach to Visualizing Database Structure.(2002)
Dennis P. Groth and Edward L. Robertson
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An Evaluation of a Rule-Based Language for Classification Queries.(2005)
Dennis P. Groth
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 3392 79-97

An Integrated System for Database Visualization.(2002)
Dennis P. Groth and Edward L. Robertson
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Architectural Support for Database Visualization.(1998)
Dennis P. Groth and Edward L. Robertson
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Augmenting Internet Browser History with Contextual Visual Representations.(2005)
Dennis P. Groth and Benjamin W. Murphy
ACM Press.

Average Case Analysis of the Apriori Algorithm.(2004)
Paul W. Purdom, Dirk Van Gucht and Dennis P. Groth
SIAM Journal of Computing, 33 (5), 1223-1260

Designing and Developing an Informatics Capstone Project Course.(2006)
Dennis P. Groth and Matthew P. Hottell
IEEE Computer Society. 61-68

Discovering Frequent Itemsets in the Presence of Highly Frequent Items.(2003)
Dennis P. Groth and Edward L. Robertson
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Enhancing 3D File Search with Landscapes and Personal Histories: Exploring the Possibilities of Terra Search.(2005)
Dennis P. Groth and Anthony Faiola
IEEE Computer Society. 613-618

How Students Perceive Risk: A Study of Senior Capstone Project Teams.(2007)
Dennis P. Groth and Matthew P. Hottell
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Improving Query Evaluation with Approximate Functional Dependency Based Decompositions.(2002)
Dennis P. Groth, Chris M. Giannella, Mehmet M. Dalkilic and Edward L. Robertson
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Information Provenance and the Knowledge Rediscovery Problem.(2004)
Dennis P. Groth
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Dennis P. Groth, Anthony Faiola and Timothy Altorn
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Introduction to Database Applications: A Problem-Solving Approach.(1998)
Dennis P. Groth and Arijit Sengupta
McGraw-Hill Custom Publishing.