Adam Maltese

Adam Maltese

Adjunct Faculty, Geological Sciences

Associate Professor, Science Education


Representative publications

Planning early for careers in science.(2006)
Robert H Tai, Christine Qi Liu, Adam V Maltese and Xitao Fan
Science, 312 (5777), 1143-1144

Pipeline persistence: Examining the association of educational experiences with earned degrees in STEM among US students.(2011)
Adam V Maltese and Robert H Tai
Science education, 95 (5), 877-907

Eyeballs in the fridge: Sources of early interest in science.(2010)
Adam V Maltese and Robert H Tai
International Journal of Science Education, 32 (5), 669-685

The nature of experiences responsible for the generation and maintenance of interest in STEM.(2014)
Adam V Maltese, Christina S Melki and Heidi L Wiebke
Science Education, 98 (6), 937-962

When is homework worth the time? Evaluating the association between homework and achievement in high school science and math.(2012)
Adam V Maltese, Robert H Tai and Xitao Fan
The High School Journal, 52-72

Investigating aspects of data visualization literacy using 20 information visualizations and 273 science museum visitors.(2016)
Katy Börner, Adam Maltese, Russell Nelson Balliet and Joe Heimlich
Information Visualization, 15 (3), 198-213

Undergraduate research experiences from a longitudinal perspective.(2011)
Joseph A Harsh, Adam V Maltese and Robert H Tai
Journal of College Science Teaching, 41 (1), 84

Breaking from Tradition: Unfulfilled Promises of Block Scheduling in Science.(2007)
Adam V Maltese, Kirsten M Dexter, Robert H Tai and Philip M Sadler
Science Educator, 16 (1), 7-Jan

Persistence in STEM: An investigation of the relationship between high school experiences in science and mathematics and college degree completion in STEM fields.(2008)
Adam V Maltese

A perspective of gender differences in chemistry and physics undergraduate research experiences.(2012)
Joseph A Harsh, Adam V Maltese and Robert H Tai
Journal of Chemical Education, 89 (11), 1364-1370

Data visualization literacy: Investigating data interpretation along the novice—expert continuum.(2015)
Adam V Maltese, Joseph A Harsh and Dubravka Svetina
Journal of College Science Teaching, 45 (1), 84-90

The consequences of “school improvement”: Examining the association between two standardized assessments measuring school improvement and student science achievement.(2012)
Adam V Maltese and Craig D Hochbein
Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 49 (6), 804-830

“Failure Is a Major Component of Learning Anything”: The Role of Failure in the Development of STEM Professionals.(2017)
Amber Simpson and Adam Maltese
Journal of Science Education and Technology, 26 (2), 223-237

A Study of the Association of Autonomy and Achievement on Performance.(2007)
Robert H Tai, Philip M Sadler and Adam V Maltese
Science Educator, 16 (1), 22-28

What are students doing during lecture? Evidence from new technologies to capture student activity.(2016)
Adam V Maltese, Joshua A Danish, Ryan M Bouldin, Joseph A Harsh and Branden Bryan
International Journal of Research & Method in Education, 39 (2), 208-226